The history of the castle

Once upon a time, the castle of Aubry…
We are inviting you to cross 5 centuries of history.

We are in Aubry du Hainaut, a small seigneury in the countryside at a mile from Valenciennes, near the Escaut.
This region is not French anymore since the 9th century, due to the division of Charlemagne’s Empire.

The Hainaud composed with powerful principalities – is indeed conveted by the greatest because. It guards the natural border of the Escaut river. It also occupies a strategic position in the Western Europe and attracts everyone.

The castle – whose origins dating back the 12th century – has to deal with raiders and takes benefit of the bogland to protect itself with water moats.

From the 13 th century, Hainaut passes from hand to hand: to the Houses of Avesnes, of Bavaria, then to the Duchy of Burgundy, and finally to the Holy Roman Germanic Empire until the wars of Louis XIV.

In the 1494 the future François 1st – King of France – was born. He will always have the project to invade Hainaut.

The young Charles Quint – born in Ghent – reigns from 1519 on a wide Holy Roman Germanic Empire.

From 1500 to 1520, the castle has become a fortified and useless place in this Province under Spanish domination. So Jean de Thiant razes the Castle and builds a Renaissance Castle with this Flemish-spanish style frontage still visible today.

Several Seigniorial families will follow one another transmitting the Castle by the women every 2 or 3 generations. The count Van Der Burch – in the 17th century – will be the last noble to live in the castle.

In 1846, the industrial era begins in the Northern France. Major works are then undertaken to refurbish the Castle and transform the park into and English style garden.

But thereafter – following the financial status changes of the successive owners – the castle had undergone the damage of time and is abandoned for several years.

In 1997, Mr and Mrs Coquerelle, refurbish the castle and the park while respecting their history and spirit in order to make this place a hotel filled with charm and a place of seminars.

Today, Caroline RICHET – the current owner – took over this castle has become a charming hotel, with its 17 rooms under the peaceful protection of its hundred years old trees. So, this place is ideal to welcome family and professional receptions as well as romantic stays in order to live an authentic time together…

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65, rue Henri Maurice
59494 Aubry du Hainaut
Nord Pas de Calais – Hauts de France

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“The Château d’Aubry is a beautiful castle in a beautiful park and well maintained. Close to the highway that takes you only 30 minutes to Lille.”

Stéphane C.


“In a timeless magical setting, the new (young) manager of the Château d’Aubry welcomes us with kindness and competence.
the +++
* possibility of taking aperitif – coffee – dessert in a beautifully maintained park
* attentive staff – discreet”

Jean P. Petite-Foret, France



“This place only receives groups and we were only on its reputation that we could discover on the Internet. We have been really happy to be at the castle for lunch. The meal was amazing, the service impeccable and stylish. The setting is beautiful. We took advantage this Sunday, October 16, 2016 under a beautiful sun.
Autumnal exit of the Old Hennuyers Vehicles.”

Alain_C_12_12 Binche, Belgique